Beautiful, Interesting and different.
7 November 2018
An unsuccessful writer is suddenly visited by five women that claim to have been invited to live in house under strict rules. One of them is that the monthly rent for each of them is 1 million yen per month.

Right off the bat each woman is so distinct that the guy seems bland and boring in comparison. With every episode you learn more about the women and the guy and every interaction uncovers another layer.

This is the kind of series you can binge in one sitting, Every time an aspect of someone is revealed it leaves you wanting to dig deeper and learn more.

The filming style is artistic and beautiful, writing is sharp and the acting is superb. It's proof that you don't have to shout everything to the heavens to make your point. Sometimes just a quiet moment would do... or a kick to the rear!

It's a very Japanese show with people being too polite and subtle which just adds another layer of charm to it. Watch it!
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