Lust Inferno (1982)
Tobalina With a Little Plot
5 November 2018
Lust Inferno (1982)

** (out of 4)

Reverend Jerry (William Margold) is a man of God who is constantly preaching the word of the Lord. That's what he's doing in public but behind the scenes he's a rather evil man who pays to sexually abuse young girls.

This is a rather rare film from director Carlos Tobalina as it actually features a plot. As I go through the director's work it has become clear that he wasn't the greatest filmmaker and more times than not his films were plot-less and just featured a lot of mindless sex. Part of that is true with LUST INFERNO but I will give the director credit for at least trying to do something a bit more serious.

This was obviously an attempt to go after the various preachers you would see on television who were ranking in major dollars while being hypocrites to what they were saying. The events in this film are taken to the extreme and go behind good tastes with the ending, which I won't spoil here but it's certainly out there to say the least.

I thought Margold was good in the role of the preacher and for the most part the supporting cast were interesting as well. There are several goofs in the picture including various times where you can see the shadow of the cameraman but would you expect anything less in a Tobalina film? The film isn't all that well-shot and there's no question that the director's orgy fantasies take over a large portion of the film and we go without the main plot but there's enough here to make the film mildly entertaining.
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