a mess
5 November 2018
After 3 years in prison, Julian Goddard (Dylan McDermott) is looking to get his share of the loot. He wakes up in the middle of the desert and gets picked up by Johnny Destiny (Quentin Tarantino) on his way to Vegas. He finds former comrade Thoreau who tells him that his ex Lucille (Nancy Travis) is gone and so is all the money after a supernatural lightning filled night brought forth Johnny Destiny. Lucille is besides herself after a positive pregnancy test with casino boss Tuerto (James Belushi).

Jack Baran is normally the AD but in this one, he tries his hand at being the boss. It doesn't work. He's definitely trying to do something cool but has non of the skills to pull it off. The actors are mostly top rate except for one and nobody comes off looking good. If Tarantino had done the directing rather than the acting, this movie could have had a chance. It's a mess. It's mostly bad. It's too ambitious. It's trying hard but it doesn't pull together.
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