Marathon (1983)
Worth Watching for the Cast
4 November 2018
Marathon (1983)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

A large group of people gather in an apartment for a party, which quickly turns into a full blown orgy. When they get word that a couple friends are in the hospital they decide to take the party and orgy there.

As I make my way through the films of Carlos Tobalina it's becoming very clear that he liked orgies. MARATHON is basically two different locations with orgies at both but the gimmick here is that you've got some of the biggest legends in porn. John Holmes, Jamie Gillis, Ron Jeremy and William Margold are among the men and then you've got Crystal Lake, Sharon Mitchell, Mai Lin and Sultry Drea as some of the women. Don't worry there are plenty of other people as well.

MARATHON is a mildly entertaining movie as long as you don't go into it expecting too much. Again, as I got through the films of Tobalina it's clear that he wasn't all that interested in making great looking pictures or well-made ones. The editing here is quite poor and there are times where there are goofs but apparently no one wanted a second take. The film isn't all that well shot and more times than not it doesn't seem the cast knows what they're supposed to do either.

With that being said, the film remains entertaining because of how poorly shot it is plus the fact that you've got so many legends in the same film. That alone makes MARATHON worth watching.
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