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Widows (2018)
MAMI Review: Widows (7 Stars)
1 November 2018
At first glance, Steve McQueen's Widows looks like it has taken the gimmicky responsibility of highlighting the topic of women empowerment in face of recent movements around the world while taking an advantage. But then you realize that it is not, which is perhaps the best thing about this heist drama which is only succeeded by Robert Duvall's mouth-watering performance as this retired politician trying to put some brains into his son currently running for the elections. A story in parallel to this brain-feeding is about four women - all widows; some with kids - who try to get rid of the debt their dead husbands left behind through the only way they think they can get rid of it. Viola Davis plays the leader and mastermind of this small group as they set out to do what others - mostly men - think they can't. And there are a few dialogues that highlight this. Which is why Widows initially looked like that to me. But then the story picks up - unfortunately with its own share of unpredictable yet cliched twists unnatural to McQueen the Oscar winner but natural to McQueen the crowd-puller - and gives you some bang bang to look at and enjoy. Widows plods for some time before it pulls up its socks and serves entertainment, red and hot, and with four highly talented actors in the forefront. Hans Zimmer makes a subtle impact with his score as these widows make Widows a palpable thriller that stops making an impact five minutes after you move out of the hall. Definitely not an Oscar contender but a perfect evening thriller to be caught with friends and family. Widows looks highbrow but it is not. TN.

(Watched and reviewed its India premiere (closing film) at the 20th MAMI Mumbai Film Festival.)
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