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Border (2018)
MAMI Review: Grans (3 Stars)
31 October 2018
Ali Abbasi's Grans (Border) is a vague critique of the humankind from the eyes of primates where Eva Melander plays Tara, a physically deformed woman who has the ability to smell fear, shame, and guilt among other things in her fellow men and women. This is why the story has her working as a customs officer where she helps the department nab smugglers and child pornographers who try to get into the Scandinavian countryside through the port. But the essence of the film lies in Tara's encounter with Vore (Eero Milonoff), a person who doesn't seem to be who he claims to be. Abbasi's weird drama is very uncomfortable to watch - with shots of raw copulation and birth - but it still sends the point across that humans are the most dangerous creatures on Earth. The eerie music by Christoffer Berg and Martin Dirkov really stood out for me as I struggled to complete the final act almost 30 minutes after Grans had made its point. I won't recommend this to anyone to watch on the big screen but if the plot intrigues you, it can be viewed on VOD. To understand a hypothesis where, say, animals could react to what humans are doing to them and to the Earth. TN.
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