The Bloodiest Sequel Yet!
30 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Here is my review for the horror film Puppet Master The Littlest Reich and it will contain some spoilers throughout.

In this Puppet master sequel it revolves around the story of a man named Edgar who is a comic book artist who unexpectedly finds a old puppet inside his deceased brother's room. The puppet coincidently looks very much like one of the puppets from previous films.

Edgar along with his girlfriend Ashley and his boss Markowitz hear news about an upcoming convention in another town which is memory of the Toulon Murders that happened 30 years before and decide to attend the convention and scout for potential buyers for the puppet.

Whilst at the convention they meet a group of other puppet collectors and officer Carol who conducts a speech and tour of the hotel and history of the Toulon Murders which gives everyone present a further insight as to the that has ensued.

Shortly after the tour the hotel guests go their separate ways and in a sequence of events many characters are introduced and murdered systematically by the puppets in the hotel that have been reanimated to life. A group of remaining survivors decide on whether or not they want to escape the hotel and others feel safer either barricading themselves inside or are forced by the police not to leave. It is no surprise that the outcome is going to be pretty dreadful for the majority of the victims, with a further explanation as to why all this slaughter is ongoing in the final scenes.

I did enjoy the overall premise of the film and the storyline was better than previous parts in the Puppet Master film franchise, some of the characters including Officer Carol had some fun and exciting scenes. the film does appear to have a reasonable budget too. I do think the film could have tried to be more scary and have less characters that were fleshed out in more detail.

I would rate this film 6 out of 10.
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