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Strange and Rather Silly
28 October 2018
The Bride's Initiation (1973)

** (out of 4)

This here is a really bizarre mix of hardcore sex and horror. A newlywed couple are leaving their wedding and the husband is eager to take the bride's virginity but before he can do so their limo driver gases them and takes them to Count Dracula (Marc Brock). It turns out that Dracula needs sperm so that his witch servant can create a serum that keeps his sex parts working.

THE BRIDE'S INITIATION is known under a couple different titles but no matter what you call it the film is certainly a very weird one. There have been several films that took horror elements and threw in hardcore sex but this quickie shot in Florida has to be one of the strangest out there for a number of reasons but the overall vibe is just something unlike anything else out there.

There are some pretty funny moments throughout the film and I must admit that I got a kick out of the "virgin" bride because it seems she knows a lot more about sex than the two women who are Dracula's sex assistants. I also got a kick out of the performance from Brock who is incredibly over-the-top as Dracula but it made for a fun time. If you've seen THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW then you'll get the same type of vibe from Brock but remember that this film came first!

The film starts to wear off its welcome around the forty-five minute mark as the sex dries up as does the comedy. The entire finale where Dracula goes after a new woman is pretty bland and there's no doubt that it drags the film down a bit.
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