Vanity Fair (2018)
Loved it, but...
4 October 2018
Thoroughly enjoyed it, EXCEPT for the usual flaw in historical dramas which seems to have crept in in the last few years. Every single time a horse appears onscreen, you hear a neigh, even though it's apparent that the horse in question is not neighing - it's like hearing the sound of a dog barking although the dog shown has its mouth shut. It's always the same bloody horse too, the only time a horse makes a sound like that is when it's a stallion which has the scent of an in-season mare. Somewhere in the mists of time one sound engineer has recorded one stallion, and it's that stallion's voice that appears in every film and television programme from Game of Thrones to this. Horses seldom neigh, they don't neigh in the same way that dogs bark or cows moo, for them it's long-distance communication they don't often use. There are a over million people who have regular day-to-day dealings with horses in the UK alone, and we've all noticed, so please STOP IT!
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