Made in Mexico (2018– )
This should be called "Made in the US"
3 October 2018
Disclaimer: I'm Mexican and I only writing this in English for the sake of the review. Horrible, ridiculous, shallow and disgusting. I could not stand beyond the episode no. 4. Look, I don't have any trouble with Mexican rich people, and I don't have any trouble with american-gringos neither; what I have trouble is Mexican people been too obsessed with american culture to the point of acting and trying to behaving like one.

This show is everything about Mexico isn't for: we are not that shallow, we are not that empty. But the most of all, WE DONT SPEAK ENGLISH IN MEXICO !! Why all protagonist speak most of the time English ? ( or spanglish in this case ) ??? All right, there are a couple of girls that were born in the US and I thought "ok... maybe all people are speaking English because these girls don't speak Spanish " But later on the show I realized that they're half american and they're perfectly bilingual !!! And to follow the insult to our county, they insist that "we'are Mexicans"

What about the nonsense materialism ? And the classicism ? ( all blonds or cute people are the rich and the servants the brownies ) Then there is this Hanna girl who lives in a world on their own. "We are so diverse " Yes, we are diverse but not in the sense of countries like Canada or US, we are mostly brown skin and black hair because all the indigenous people and there is nothing wrong with that. But she is showing a Mexico like it we're mostly mixed with Asiatic, Arab, etc etc etc.

Then there is one chapter where they were celebrating the "Thanks giving" ( another american-canadian tradition ) next to the Zocalo ... yea ... very very Mexican though.

At the end, this is like another american TV show, including the casting. Is like the obsession some Americans traveling to another places around the world but expecting to have a nice environment that looks like their home in the US ( like how Cancun is right now ). These series is the most americanized series I ever seen and is not representative of Mexico, not even close. I feel myself very insulted and ashamed at the same time.
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