Made in Mexico (2018– )
29 September 2018
Made in Mexico is depicts a rare breed of people in Mexico. The rich. Not saying upper class, but truly .1% rich. The name of this out-of-reality show is a conflict, as this is not truly how people in Mexico live.

The "struggles" of these individuals stem from their socioeconomic status, so people in the other side of the bubble CANNOT relate. It is dangerous to label a show "Made in Mexico" so broadly when the cast is not representative of the whole.

If you do decide to watch this show (out of morbid curiosity) take it with a grain of salt. Know much of it is fiction and has made a lot of people in Mexico upset as Netflix LATAM, the cast (not so famous, by the way, couldn't recognize any of them) and the lack of self awareness surrounding the whole series.
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