Review of 1985

1985 (2018)
Pull your heart strings FAIL
12 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I really wanted to like it. I would have welcomed having a (strong) emotional response. It is an important time period. But... just too many silly plot holes and hard to believe character moments and interactions. Hmmmm... a grown man taking a bath and having tea with his mother in the bathroom with him?? The deus ex machina of Jesus-freak Dad tracking his son down in NYC and discovering he is gay months before the Christmas visit in the film but this not causing a reaction until the third act?? The loving little brother who sleeps through the big brother's final (literally) departure just so the screenwriter can have him listen to a tape from older brother later?? And, finally, the big brother just ASSUMING little brother is gay because he quit football and became a drama club nerd, and leaving him the aforementioned tape recording assuring him "don't worry, there are other people like you out there." Heart strings, tug... Presumptuous, much? I loved the "1985" short film but this film is a failed attempt to pull heart strings.
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