Hangar 1: The UFO Files (2014–2015)
Almost unwatchable
10 September 2018
People will look back on TV shows like this in the future and wonder just what were they thinking? This is one of these very strange shows where they have decided that their audience have no attention span. The reason? The show does not focus on one scene for longer than about 10 secs before it changes to something else. It ends up being very disorienting but maybe that the point? There are very few facts on show here, just the same tired old stories which have in the main been debunked elsewhere. The other odd strategy they use is to have more than one person talking about the same episode using whats obviously a script. This seems to be to give the impression that well if more than one person says it, it must be true! We also have the shaky camera effects which again add to this being a challenge to watch. Its no surprise that these types of shows are no longer produced as they have no new stories to tell and the way they do it is not a satisfying experience. Despite having bigger budgets and better technology, these shows do not have the same charm as the documentaries from the 70s,80s or even 90s. Actually claiming these are documentaries is a stretch, they are more opinion pieces pretending to be factual while at the same time using horrible camera techniques which may just be in their to try and distract you from questioning the veracity of the story being sold.
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