Watch vincent price perform like a silent film actor.
5 September 2018
I knew Price as a campy 50s and 60s horror actor, but, knowing he had plenty of 40s and 50s dramas under his belt, I figured the campiness was intentional. Dangerous Mission suggests otherwise, as revealed in his reaction-rhythms in the final action acts on the glacier.

This movie is standard 50s minor-suspense fare for name actors, notably Victor Mature. As others smartly noted, this was one of those 50s "technicolor resort movies" that intentionally showcased sweeping vistas for the new widening screen, when it was feared that the new talking picture box in everyone's homes would kill cinema in america.

Its writers squandered an easy opportunity to keep us in suspense as to who was the cop and who was the killer, but after too few brief minutes of that, it just tells us. That relatively quick reveal is much easier to write and direct, but it does viewers a disservice.

Odd here -- william bendix as the chief ranger. He's unusually stiff for such a fluid performer.

This movie is beautiful in that 50s technicolor way that many movies were in those days, and there's too many suits and nice dresses worn for a remote western park, but what the hey. Time watching this is not wasted.
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