Venom: And I SO wanted to like this
4 September 2018
Before Tom Hardy comes along and ruins one of the most popular Marvel characters (Venom) we had another movie by the same title but no supervilliany is to be found here.

Venom otherwise known as Spider Venom otherwise known as The Legend of Spider Forest is a curious little tale that I suppose would be horror, but just barely.

It tells an absolute mess of a story that revolves around a painter visiting a small town, a mysterious girl who lives in the forest who the locals call the spider queen and a Nazi conspiracy to weaponize spider venom.

It all sounds fairly interesting but the delivery is awful, worse than I could actually put into words. Sure the cast are competent enough, but they can't save a movie with the writing quality of a Sharknado (2013) film.

Venom is one of those titles I get the impression IMDB do not have the full brief on. It claims this is UK made and filmed exclusively in England but the movie comes across dubbed, has some foreign cast and some of the scenery is certainly not British.

I really wanted to like this but by about the half way point came to the conclusion that simply wasn't going to happen (And I wasn't wrong).

It looks the part, it's well acted and the concept is there but the writing is so appallingly bad it leaves the movie DOA.

The Good:

Neda Arneric

Some very interesting ideas

The Bad:

Plot is an unfettered mess

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Men simply shouldn't wear scarves of any description
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