An Okay Movie, with bad research of eating disorders
3 September 2018
Just to let you know that this movie includes pro ana, bulimia and self harm There were some creepy scenes. It did have some old clichés, such as: Upper-class girl with distant parents and a perfectionist nature. and She Looks at thinspo once and suddenly becomes anorexic. I mean you don't see thinspo once and suddenly put down your pop tart, and things like not really eating for like a week and never binges, that's just not realistic and Is anorexic for just a few months then recovers, its not as easy as that. The fact the she's cured so easily is really bad for people who are watching the Movie for awareness of the disorder. Most people with eating disorders like this usually go their whole lives suffering from it.

The Movie is probably a lot more harmful than helpful. The use of those clichés only furthers society's view of eating disorders, which is also harmful to those who actually suffer from them. I really wished that the writer had done a better job of researching stuff. There is hardly any Movies that talk about eating disorders and tells the truth about them.

I would of liked more character development, There were plot holes - like Belle's mom who disappears with no explanation or resolution, the undeveloped supporting characters are just a few of the issues with the writing. I didn't like that we didn't see much of the Belle's parents either.

I really liked the Movie that was used, In this Movie we have actors the same age as the roles they are playing, and not 18 year old playing 14 year old. I think the acting was really good with what they had to work with.
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