Rough Riders return for another adventure.
14 August 2018
After watching the first installment of the Rough Riders in the film 'Arizona Bound', I was so much looking forward to a repeat of this entertaining concept. However after watching this film, I was somewhat disappointed with the outcome of the story. For me, it just did not have the flare that the first film project, and had some confusing situations that threw clouds into the plot rather than made the plot enjoyable.

The film starts out about the same way as the first film with the three Marshals (Jones ,McCoy, Hatton ) arriving at a small community that is having trouble with villains. It seems that a group of people are causing havoc throughout the community by killing cowhands and stealing cattle. This was all done in order for someone to take all the water-rights, for very little money, as the farmers went slowly out of business. Enter Marshal Buck Roberts, posing as a criminal to the locals. And with the help of Marshal McCall and a ranch-hand cook that is really Marshal Hopkins- the villains will soon get their justice.

Even though this was a nice story, it seemed to be more complex that others in the series. Perhaps I have got use to watching 'B' westerns with a simple plot and routine stories, that this offering caught me by surprise. Even with some stiff acting by the main characters, the film did have many action scenes that will appeal to most western fans.. Christine McIntyre and Dave O'Brien, guest-stars, worked great together with O'Brien even singing a special tune to an orphan baby that was made to pull at heart-strings. This is a movie that was still nice to watch as we anticipate the third installment of the Rough Rider series.
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