The Freshman (1925)
Rudy + Forrest
9 August 2018
Harold Lamb (Harold Lloyd) has always dreamed of going to college. He is excited to be a freshman at Tate University. Upon arrival, the upper classmen led by The College Cad prank Harold. He is humiliated until he start imitating his movie hero gaining the nickname Speedy. Unbeknownst to him, The College Cad continues his campaign to make Harold a joke. Everybody starts laughing at him behind his back except Peggy. He tries out for football but is relegated to replace the tackling dummy. Despite that, he is thrilled to be on the team and his never-quit attitude ends up winning the big game.

This is Harold Lloyd's on-screen persona at its purest goodness. It is Rudy and Forrest rolled into one. He is wide-eyed and optimistic. He is the underdog and the good guy. He is the movie hero that everybody roots for. I certainly understand why this is his breakout role and his big movie hit. My only concern is the football game. I know rules have changed over the years but there are a lot of things wrong with that game.
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