Orphan Black (2013–2017)
Clone Sweet Clone.
24 July 2018
This review of the series "Orphan Black" contains no specific plot spoilers but does talk about some of the themes of the show, running into the later seasons.

"Orphan Black" tells the story of Sarah Manning, a con artist and hustler who one day witnesses the suicide of a woman who appears to be her exact double. Spying an opportunity to take advantage, Sarah steals the other woman's identity but instead she uncovers a complex web of human cloning, body modification and illegal experimentation.

Though the later seasons perhaps make the storyline a little too convoluted, when you're dealing with multiple internal subgroups of the various organisations that inhabit the world of "Orphan Black" that proves to be pretty much the only criticism of what is an engaging and exciting show. There is one other slight critique that came to mind having typed that, occasionally the score and sound design are very "on the nose". I'm thinking specifically of the string noise that accompanies Helena's actions. Again, these are minor criticisms of a show that's funny, romantic, dramatic and thrilling.

Worthy of special praise is the show's star Tatiana Maslany, who, given the shows premise gets to play multiple characters across the seasons. She manages to genuinely make these characters feel like different people, but also real people - never resorting to stereotypes for them. It's even more impressive when she starts to play the characters pretending to be each other, blending the accents. The special effects team really enhance her abilities when it comes to creating scenes where multiple clones interact with one another, it really is flawless work.

One other special praise, Jordan Gavaris as Sarah's foster brother Felix is fantastic throughout and his English accent is amongst the most accomplished I've ever heard.
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