Doom Asylum (1988)
The horror... the horror!...
20 July 2018
I used to watch a bunch of horror movies back in the late 1980s, but I haven't seen "Doom Asylum" before now in 2018. And let's just be bluntly honest, I hadn't been missing out on anything.

This movie was a horror comedy of sorts, but it failed on both fronts. There was nothing funny about it, and I wasn't laughing even a single time. Nor were there any real horror to it, unless you count some questionable slasher feature as being proper horror.

The storyline was generic and straightforward, albeit weighed down by laughable dialogue and horrible characters whom were more jokes than actual characters.

It should be said, though, that they had someone of an adequate cast to perform in the movie, despite the acting performers having very, very little to work with. It was somewhat of a surprise to see Kristin Davis in a movie such as this. And she was actually the one and only one that was somewhat famous here.

While we are on the topic of the characters, what was going on with this three girl musicians? First of all, the music act was just horrible. And they weren't even playing in the movie, they had drums, but the "music" (actually noise) had no drum beat, and the singer was mouth-synching to something that was nowhere near the noise in that "music". It was just atrocious.

As for the killer, well they managed to pull off the special effects well enough, taking into consideration the age of the movie. But was he scary or menacing? Not even in the least bit.

"Doom Asylum" is a movie that you can easily skip, because there is truly nothing unique or interesting here.
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