Dream Stalker (1991 Video)
One, two, Ricky's coming for you...
20 July 2018
Brittney (Valerie Williams), a successful super-model (despite her rather average looks), is plagued by bad dreams in which she is menaced by her obsessive dead boyfriend Ricky, who was killed in a moto-cross accident. Things get even worse when Ricky's disfigured ghost starts to kill off those people closest to Brittney. Could Ricky's power be somehow connected to the fugly music box he gave to his girlfriend before he died?

A super-naff, A Nightmare On Elm Street-inspired, shot-on-video crapfest, Dream Stalker is poorly acted, badly scripted, unimaginatively directed, and blighted by terrible pacing and horrible sound quality (much of the dialogue is almost impossible to hear). Ricky's messy make-up is much better than the film deserves, there are one or two reasonably fun gore effects (in one scene, a pitchfork emerges from a toilet bowl to impale the user), and a sex scene breaks up the tedium, but for the most part this is difficult to endure.

2.5/10, generously rounded up to 3 for the troubled teenagers dancing badly to rap music, and for the really bad attempt at mending Brittney's broken music box.
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