Monstrosity (1987)
Bargain basement gore
13 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
So it turns out that notorious trash director Andy Milligan kept on making his trashy movies right up until his death, and MONSTROSITY is one of his latter-day productions. It's a cheapie re-run of the Frankenstein story, with some college goofballs deciding to build a monster from various body parts which they randomly call a Golem for some reason. They then use said creature to get revenge on a gang of murderous thugs, but romance blossoms instead. This is bargain basement stuff, embarrassingly poor in all aspects, although it does have a lot of cheap prosthetic gore effects with blood sprays and entrails across the screen at various points. I was amused to see David Homb, of the PHANTASMAGORIA video game fame, in a typically over-the-top role as one of the students. The film's attempts at wacky humour are even worse than its attempts at comedy.
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