Awesome blockbuster but without the soul of this franchise. Not a good sequel.
7 July 2018
Great VFX; very well directed by J. A. Bayona, an excellent guy making horror films; good cinematography; an awesome blockbuster with action sequences & explotions 10/10... but the script is really mediocre, Colin Trevorrow should stay away from this franchise; the same scenes from the first instalments over & over again, even from the last one; stupid characters; horrible villains; the first 10 minutes are pretty good, but after that nothing makes sense, T-Rex seems to be their friend, besides super predictible, everything here is by coincidence; Bayona does what he can with this script to save the movie but putting horror in a house wasn't a good idea either, it's great for a horror movie, but not for this "world". You have to unplug your brian if you want to enjoy this.

P.S.: there is a post-credit scene.
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