Review of Legion

Legion (2017–2019)
First Season Was Great, Second Season A Super Drag
7 June 2018
The same curse that plagued the X-Files has now happened to my poor Legion. Once Season 1 wrapped and FX moved production from Vancouver to L.A., the heart and soul of the Show seemed to disappear; I found I had to almost force myself to watch new episodes because I just lost interest.

Season 1 was very original and has style in the way the stories were told. The writing, pacing, acting, and especially the production design were all top notch and really made the show stand out. At the end of the season I was super hyped about what Season 2 was going to offer.

Right from the get go, Season 2 seemed to fall flat. The story arc of Farouk was drawn out way too long and could have been presented so much better. For a character that has this much importance to the Legion storyline, the writers and production team sure succeeded in phoning it in. Even the "look-at-my-fancy-artsy-fartsy-reverse-camera-framing-because-it's-art" shots that are obligatory in Noah Hawley productions somehow seemed contrived and slapped together with no real purpose.

Yawn. So much potential, wasted.

Season 1 - 10/10 Season 2 - 5/10
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