An Amusing Diversion
10 May 2018
While this film does not go very deep in its 50-minute running time, it does involve a wide range of names. Some very humorous, some just unusual. Then, there are one or two that seem out of place (Nardizzi is completely unwarranted).

Because it is short, it definitely is a fun diversion if you have an hour to kill. You can be grateful that your name does not make people laugh. (The closest I ever came is that I share my name with a baseball player, but that is fairly obscure.) I enjoyed this and would not have minded more.

The unfortunate thing is that people do not seem to know the real origin of their odd names. The Hooker family claims descent from General Hooker. That may be true, but it is certainly not true (as they claim) that the term "hooker" comes from the general. Another person tells a made-up tale about the origin of "malarkey".
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