False advertising is the least of its problems
7 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The title of this movie is incorrect in two ways - first, the events of the movie take place over a long period, and the killer in the movie does not once strangle anybody. (Though I admit that the more correct title "Weeks of the Multi-Skilled Killer" doesn't have an attractive ring to it.) Title aside, the movie by itself isn't exactly a grabber. The acting is acceptable, but there's little else of merit to be found, unless you've ever wanted to see ex-Monkee Micky Dolenz cuddling with a naked woman. The movie is kind of slow and sluggish, padded out with a lot of filler, so much so that some characters are off the screen for significant portions of time. The murder sequences aren't particularly memorable, and the rest of the direction is pretty pedestrian. As for the mystery portion of the movie, while the movie tries to throw in some clever red herrings along the way, viewers who are listening and watching carefully will very likely be able to determine who the killer is and what his/her motivations are. Even I was able to do this, and I'm normally clueless with murder mysteries! Though I was confused by the mystery as to why Turner Classic Movies decided to resurrect this forgotten movie on its channel.
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