A documentary with subtle hints of bias Paving the way for more fake news
6 April 2018
I was excited to see that there was a documentary about Trump. I am interested in knowing what type of man he is from an unbiased opinion. But I can tell that throughout this entire documentary it is a biased opinion of trump picking through what they could find about Trump in his past worst and twisting it against him subtly. It's bashing our president and it's not right. From what I understand way back in the day you are a traitor for talking bad about our president. I don't agree with everything Trump does but that's my opinion. If you're looking for an opinionated "documentary" that subtly pulls all of everything that they could find in his past and negatively spins it against our president then watch this. If you don't pick up on this I sincerely doubt your intelligence level. I use those words because Trump uses words he uses them his whole life. So use your brain and see if it's a biased opinion or not. It's not a documentary it's a biased film about our president.
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