One Explosion Too Many
31 March 2018
Let me tell ya - Had one more violent explosion taken place in this 70-minute, LEGO, Batman movie - Then - I think that my brain would have probably exploded, too (out of sheer exasperated boredom), right along with it.

I mean - Talk about explosion overload! - Like - Is this really what the screenwriters of this kiddies' film thought was all that the viewer wanted to see?

And, speaking about these LEGO superhero characters - For such pipsqueak, little toys - They certainly all had mighty big, over-inflated egos. (I guess that accounts for all of the explosions - They had to vent some of that egocentricity, somehow)

Anyway - IMO - Since LEGO Batman's story truly lacked any real substance - The best that I can say about this juvenile film is that it was just "OK", and that's all.
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