The X-Files (1993–2018)
I Love the X-Files but I'm not the 18-49 demo!! I was in 1993 though LOL
22 March 2018
The 18-49 demo is what gives the Network heads their gauge on how a show is doing. Unless Chris Carter abandons the original Seasons 1-9 formula this may not see Season 12. In 1993 the pilot introduced us to our beloved Mulder and Scully. Episode 2 "Deep Throat" gave us the alien conspiracy. Episode 3 started the formula I like to call the "filler" Episodes. The patience of that generation before to wait for another alien themed episode was greater than today. I must admit in my "Old Age" (LOL Again) 63 years young that my patience level with filler Ep's is not what it was. There is too much TV out there to watch. In 1993 it was not until Episode 17 till we really touched back on the alien takeover. That's too long for today's 18-49's. Episode #10 to get back to the William part of the saga. Toooooooo Loooooong

Chris, "Scrap That"!

Bring back the other two agents from season ten. Give them the "filler" Ep's. Then every week Mulder and Scully can focus on CSM and the conspiracy. If this is not done soon, I'm afraid a big Red circle with a red bar through the center will be over the X-Files.

The 6 Rating only is for season 11. Chris make it a 10 please.
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