Hangar 1: The UFO Files (2014–2015)
Interesting, but unscientific.
21 March 2018
I think it is a good thing that organisations like MUFON exist but there is always a big risk that some kind of 'groupthink' will prevail within the organisation and the result is often that the beliefs of those within the organisation are not fully substantiated to any objective standards. In other words 'innocent until proven guilty' too often becomes 'guilty until proven innocent' and the search for any truth that passes scientific scrutiny is corrupted.

Folk see things that they don't understand every day and in most cases there is a reasonable explanation. But there are so many instances where there are multiple witnesses and yet there is still no explanation, it seems likely that there are things flying around in our airspace that are either secret or are indeed as yet unexplained by any conventional means.

The problem with these reported encounters is usually that there is no physical evidence, no photographs, no video footage. That there is a large element of animations, 'representative footage' and talking heads in the show is therefore unsurprising. However that they don't make the most of what evidence that exists is even more surprising. A lot of the comments are unsubstantiated, and/or highly unscientific in nature.

The talking heads vary quite a lot; the more credible and articulate ones (that don't look so much as if they have just removed their tinfoil hats for the camera) include Dwight Equitz and Melissa Tittl. Both are professional actors, more than 'UFO researchers' per se, and Tittl is involved in the show's production. I don't think this completely undermines what they have to say, but (rightly or wrongly) it does devalue it somewhat in some folk's eyes.

The show contains some interesting speculation, but ultimately it is just that; speculation. If you 'want to believe' you can/will do, but if you are looking for scientific evidence to support much of this, you will be disappointed. Fortunately there are only 20 episodes, so you can watch all of them without utterly wasting your life...
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