Blood Beat (1983 Video)
What the hell was that all about? Answers on a postcard, please...
19 February 2018
Sarah (Claudia Peyton) accompanies her boyfriend Ted (James Fitzgibbons) and his sister Dolly (Dana Day) to the rural Wisconsin home of their mother Cathy (Helen Benton) and her partner Gary (Terry Brown) to celebrate the holidays. During a spot of deer hunting (just the ticket to get one in the festive spirit) Sarah freaks out, after which things get very strange indeed: running through the woods, Sarah stumbles into a man with a stomach wound; Cathy gets the feeling that she knows Sarah from somewhere else (why? I haven't the foggiest); Sarah finds a samurai outfit in a trunk (which promptly vanishes with no explanation), Cathy paints uncontrollably; and someone dressed in the samurai garb starts to kill people with his katana. From time to time, the picture is solarised for the samurai's POV, and in the craptabulous finalé, several of the characters' hands begin to pulse with energy for a baffling showdown against the killer.

I haven't the faintest idea what writer/director Fabrice A. Zaphiratos was thinking when he made this oddball horror-very little about the film makes sense-and the result is definitely one of the strangest films of the '80s. Unless you're a fan of the completely absurd, give this one a miss. Even if you are a fan of the completely absurd, think seriously before viewing.

Some brief nudity and a smattering of gore earn this mess a paltry 3/10.
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