4.4, REALLY???
18 January 2018
This is surely one of the worst films ever made, the 10 star reviews citing excellent special effects and great suspense must be from cast and crew members, they have to be. This film is hard to get through, awful effects, bits of rubber dripping with petroleum jelly, stop motion so bad it makes some kids programs look good, the worst acting you'll ever see in a movie, it's beyond bad, some of the lines of dialogue and the delivery is on par with Troll 2. It really is an awful film, I borrowed this from a friend who told me how bad it was, so I thought I'd see for myself, hoping it was one of those so bad it's good flicks. Nope, it's just so bad it's really bad and I felt ripped off despite the fact I watched it for free.

Stay away from this dud, it has to be one of the worst films I've ever sat through.
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