Interesting but...
12 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I did research the movie before buying tickets. I saw that it was made by a Christian ministry. Note that I am not religious but spiritual (not a fan of organized religion). As I am digging deeper into 'e.t. races' I did expect most of what I saw. I was extremely surprised they did not bring up the Nordic species. As they are described as being human like but much more spiritually evolved. Greys are not friendly and I did expect that aspect of the 'doc'. One part I did not like was how they portrayed other religions as 'evil misinterpretations'; especially pointing towards meditation.

It was interesting, and well thought out. Some people did walk out on the movie once it started to get more towards the bible, and a man next to me fell asleep. I would not recommend it though as there are better documentaries, and articles on the subject matter.
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