Bad fish,bad acting and very bad movie
5 January 2018
It's been a while since anyone reviewed this offering,I can understand that,it's hardly worth the effort,but here goes.Swarm of the Snakehead starts out bad and just gets worse,it's meant to be a comedy/horror I guess,but it's so bad in every way that it's just a mess.The actors over do the bad acting to the point that there is nothing funny about it,in fact,it's so bad it just gets gets more annoying as it goes on,the camera work is amongst the worst I've ever seen and the FX is just so bad I could rant about it for hours,but I won't,you'll have to see it for yourself to believe how bad they are.The best part of this movie is the hot mayor played by Lisa Burdette.If you still decide to watch this after my review then you have only yourself to blame.
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