Painted Woman (2017)
Best film I've seen in 10 years, western or otherwise.
30 December 2017
I was so fortunate to have caught this at the last showing in my town, which just so happens to be Fort Smith, Arkansas. In a town that birthed out stories like True Grit, and sees multiple films done in the area regularly, we get a little uppity about our westerns here and we are notoriously a tough crowd for them. This film did not disappoint! My friend and I both were amazed at how well this film was produced and the acting was incredible. If it would not have been the last showing that evening before it was moved to another theatre, I would have gone back to see it again the next day, likely with a very large party of people dragged along. Its that good. It will be added to my collection the minute it goes up for sale and in my opinion, is right up there with many movies that were on ten times it's budget. It has that haunted quality that puts it in my top five fave westerns of all time. Highly recommend!
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