Romy Schneider saves the day!
26 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Although Alain Cavalier's Fire and Ice (1962) was not released in the USA until June, 2009, the somewhat faulty (the first reel is badly out of sync) C'est La Vie DVD has been available for years.

This movie seems to have excited both passionate admirers and detractors.

My own view straddles these two extremes. In my opinion, the movie's main problem lies in Jean-Louis Trintignant's Clément. He is such a glumly foolish, icily self-centered and neurotically unattractive young man that all our sympathies lie with the other characters.

Even the traitorous Serge, well-played by Pierre Asso, is more involving.

Fortunately, it is the quick-silvered Anne (passionately played by Romy Schneider) who receives the most attention from writer and director, although Trintignant comes in a good second, with dull if competent Henri Serre trailing along third.
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