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Newman (I) (2015)
We must Wake Up for Free Energy to be Successful!
21 December 2017
Fraud is the most difficult thing to disprove. And film-fantasies tend to create characterizations of criminals parallel to the characterizations of inventors functioning outside of social norms.

Newman was crucified on his own cross of proprietary ambition - which says nothing of the caliber of his device, but instead - says everything about our characterization as a society hell-bent on crucifying anyone who thinks, feels, or acts in a manner which discomforts us.

If we had backed him instead of crucifying him, then our society - as we know it - would collapse.

We take our corporate world too much for granted. Our money would become worthless if free energy dominated all of our machinery. Quality of life would replace the Gross National Product as a measuring rod of how well we're doing. And sovereignty would replace eminent domain....

Eminent domain is the presumed right of local governments to seize the property of individuals. This is what happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in violation of the Ninth Amendment to the United States Constitution which prohibits abuse of power under "color of authority".

....amounting to heresy in today's world wherein the individual is less important than is our corporate government.

Newman had the backing of physicists, but that was short-lived.

He had the backing of the public. But that died out once we lost him in our collective focus.

We are taught innumerable lies, such as this one: when Charlton Heston's character, in the Planet of the Apes movie, sees a broken Statue of Liberty fallen to the ground at the close of that movie indicating that he had not traveled to another planet, but -instead- had merely traveled forward in time within his own planet. The implication, in this cinematic fantasy, is that the only way for the sovereignty of the individual to return and the eminent domain of governments to die out is for us to return to our prehistorically, barbaric ways of life.

This is not true, but is what we are encouraged to believe so as to avoid another possibility: that our institutions will die - not our culture - since it is the centralization of institutionalized power that holds back the avant-garde inventor. The Industrial Revolution only helps our institutions. It does not help the sovereign inventor, for he has to help himself.

Newman can't rescue us. We have to rescue ourselves just as he rescued himself from the ignorance of pathological science quagmired in stock expressions along with a lack of knowing how the misapplication of those socially contrived idioms is flawed - not the expressions, themselves.

Take, for example, the expression: "Energy OUT (must equal) energy IN". That is a derivation of finite Quality factor. Thus, energy cannot come OUT to a greater degree than it goes IN for, then, it would transcend the duration of energy's bandwidth becoming a dimensionless moment: the ETERNAL NOW. This latter possibility gives an infinite Quality Factor, also known as an infinite Q -- considered improbable or impossible by conservative scientists who don't possess the wherewithal to improvise a solution, namely: a method whereby an electric motor may obtain usable energy from an artificially contrived, negative power factor by converting it at a cost far less than to produce it. Ergo, free energy.

This is what Joseph Newman managed to accomplish, but kept his proprietary secret to himself. Nowhere inside his book, nor in any of his public disclosures, did he divulge his secret. Well, here it is...

His original design is what he openly confessed to, that of: a permanent magnet, or set of same, rotating at a slow rate in the middle of a massive copper coil. This will NOT give overunity no matter how large it is constructed. Yet, this is all wannabe replicators have had to work with all these years!

At some point in time, somewhere around the middle of the 1980s, he switched to an improved design (given to him by Byron Brubaker, an electrical engineer from Indiana known as MX6Maximus on YouTube and Facebook) in which Newman was instructed to substitute the rotating bar magnet/s with a glass canister of helium wrapped with an open coil. That means, a coil which is not connected to itself, nor to anything else. Simply, a piece of wire wrapped around this canister with its two ends insulated so as to not make electrical connection to anything including the air (lest arcing occur).

If you look up the properties of helium, you'll find that it will not respond to an electromagnetic field. But it WILL respond to an electrostatic field by creating an EM field of its own at a relatively high frequency.

His motor coil was so massive on purpose. This was to save energy coming from the battery by restricting the flow of current, and accumulate a huge electrostatic field -- something the open coil wrapped around the glass canister of helium could respond to and retain long enough to transfer this voltage to the helium.

Once excited, the helium will put out a high frequency, electromagnetic field which will radiate out of the helium and return back to the massive coil to boost its amperage just enough to neutralize the battery's current coming out to send approximately half an ampere back to the battery pack to recharge it.

Voila! Overunity at no additional cost to the battery pack, nor to the rotating canister!

Did Newman fail us? Did he fail himself? Did he fail to share his proprietary technology with us before he died?

Maybe, now, his legacy may be redeemed. For in truth, we are released from our prison of ignorance.
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