Better Watch Out (II) (2016)
Wondefully different
16 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I thoroughly enjoyed 'You Better Watch Out',though more of a thriller than a comedy horror it is well worth a watch,There were a couple of times it had me laugh but what I enjoyed the most was the sudden twist in the plot that comes early in the movie and makes you go WTF. The script was reasonably tight and the acting from the three main characters,(all Australian actors),was extremely good,Ashley (Olivia DeJonge ) is a great actress and very easy on the eye to look at,Luke (Levi Miller),did a very convincing job as the little psycho ratbag as did Garret (Ed Oxenbould ) who played the part of the easily manipulated best friend.I will definatly give this movie a second viewing and give it a solid 8.
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