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Snowglobe (2007 TV Movie)
Fantastic and Charming Christmas Fantasy Fare
1 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Angela (Christina Milian) receives an enchanted snowglobe from a mail carrier on her way home from the family business at Christmastime. The family is Cuban-American-Italian and owns an Italian market. Homemade lasagna is one of their specialties. Mama wants Angela to get married and keeps on renting out the studio apartment on her floor to eligible bachelors. After a noisy family dinner, she unwraps the snowglobe, places it next to her bed, and wakes up in "The Village" inside of it. She goes ice skating and has a Christmas dinner complete with a "magical oven" that makes roast goose in a jiffy. She wakes up in her own bed very tired. It's not a dream, as she has the red gloves given to her, and the snowman is knocked down. She spends more and more time inside the globe and becomes increasingly fond of "Douglas" in this place where it's always Christmastime. Douglas finds his way out through the evergreens, and she gives him a tour of Brooklyn and NYC. (Actually Canada.) Later his girlfriend "Marie" follows into the real world the same way. Like "The Purple Rose of Cairo" once they walk out of the globe, the two are dysfunctional and can't perform the simplest tasks. Douglas misses his job, shoveling snow. Where they are from, money does not exist. Not exactly "Whoville" and not exactly real. What are they? Inevitably, Angela gets trapped inside the globe as it crashes to the ground. She gets back with another mysterious snowglobe delivered to her inside the original one! Then they fix the globe to send Douglas and Marie back to "The Village" with the gifts of a clock radio for her and deli "hot dogs" for him. I am sure I could find several things wrong with the film if I tried. Christina is not "Waspy-looking" but quite gorgeous in her own right. A minor mention of The Christmas Story as the "Villagers" know nothing of it. It's predictable. Angela marries the nice guy down the hall and looks pregnant. She opens a "Christmas Store". The whole thing is a silly fantasy? Then why did my family enjoy it so much? (Do not confuse this with the bland 2013 sequel.)
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