Review of Lies We Tell

Lies We Tell (2017)
The very last of the summer wine
23 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Just saw this in a film festival. Sadly it has the potential to be a good topical movie on cultural boundaries, integration and hypocrisy. We get arranged marriages, Sex for college fees, drug dealing, murder, sex tapes, poaching, family rows and a large dollop of last of the summer wine type scenes. It is very confusing and the editing is all over the place. Gabriel byrne's character is a bit of a mess. Characters turn up for a scene (his wife) and are never seen again. Gabriel byrne shoots some bottles of home brew and flies a kite. Dogs seem to mean something. The main female character is excellent but is let down badly by the rest of the movie. The Pakistani wedding looks like a bit of fun. The pivotal final scene is unintentionally funny and it involves taking a very very long time to drive a very very short distance. Will pass a confusing couple of hours.
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