Friends from College (2017–2019)
Friends twenty (+) years on?
10 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Season 2 update (07/02/19)

Still has a great storyline and good character development. I think the critics of this show are a little unfair, even bright people make mistakes when it comes to relationships. Remember 'love is blind'. Having reached the end of season two, I've upped my rating from 7 - 8, bring on season 3


Netflix brought this to my attention and I'm quite glad it did. Some of the reviews here have been unnecessarily harsh. If you are looking for thought-provoking social commentary, then this isn't it. However, what you have are a collection of reasonably successful 'mid-lifer's' who have lives and (some) complex relationships with one another in and around NY.

The appeal of this series lies in the vaguely aspirational lifestyle it presents back to the viewing demographic (i.e. other mid-lifers, vain aren't we!). Some laughs, a lot of drama (sometimes too much), but overall worth the journey. Bring on series 2.
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