Review of Valor

Valor (2017–2018)
9 October 2017
Character reveals for new show. It's rough, very rough. For one point of reference, if you have US Military service in your life or that of your family, do not watch. You will be disappointed. There are so many breach of regulations, out of uniform issues, fraternization infringements and stupid breach of protocols in every scene, it is unbearable. If a major drama developer wants to make a top-notch and top-rated series, they should at least hire some resource people whose jobs are to help ensure the closest things possible to RL. Failing that, at least TRY. Maybe I am a die-hard cynic, but as a veteran, it just irks me that in the great ratings hunt in over-saturated programming, some attempt at authenticity should be attempted, if not secured. Get the facts right and viewers will almost always overlook the obvious failing in sets, props and other tell-tale fails. The story here fell away, just because all the little details were too glaring to have the dialogue impress. A waste of time.
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