completely nonsensical horror movie
2 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
i don't understand how you can call this movie average, let alone good. it has problems in pretty much every event that ever happens.

* what are the rules?

-> the demon can be exorcised by a priest easily, as shown at the end

-> the demon is immune against crosses and prayers, as shown in the middle of the movie

-> the demon can be imprisoned in a room if bible pages are glued around it

-> the demon can easily escape from said prison at the end of the movie

-> the demon can teleport

-> the demon cannot teleport

-> the demon can possess people without their agreement

-> the demon needs permission to go into a puppet

-> demon fails at possessing the mother because... no reason

-> bonus demon appears out of nowhere in scarecrow. or is it the same? did he get permission?

-> demon can appear as ghost girl and demon nun as well as he pleases, doesn't need to stay inside the puppet that it is bound to

-> demon is extremely strong, can rip people in half, but a girl stepping on its fingers causes too much pain to keep following her

seriously, make up your mind.

* how stupid are the characters? -> the demon is clearly dangerous, but let's enter the house again for no reason.

-> let's absolutely not make sure the demon stays inside the room by putting a layer of concrete around it. no, a wooden door will suffice.

-> let's not talk to each other. we must absolutely experience the scariness one by one.

-> let's not believe each other, even though nobody has a reason to lie.

-> demon: let me stay in puppet form and let myself be thrown into the well and only then transform back. why? because i want it to last longer.
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