***SPOILERS*** Great idea, awful execution
26 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The idea behind this movie is great and could have made for a good movie. But it seems the director went so all out for edge-of-your-seat scenes that he forgot that overdoing drama can ruin a good drama.

So to give you just a few examples of silly writing: 1) There is a task force surrounding the building in which the siblings live. They fire smoke grenades into the building from the ground floor. Every single grenade manages to hit its target - smashing through small windows into the apartment. Not a single miss.

2) the siblings make their way through the building and use the fire escape to make their exit. Of course, the back entrance to a building is always the safe way to leave when you have a determined army looking to make you disappear. I mean, why would the army want to guard a back door? That would be a waste of men!

3) The task force who have planned this intrusion storm the building. The a sibling returns to the apartment and collects some aerosol cans and pops them in the microwave for 60 seconds. Then she breaks a gas line. Meanwhile the task force have gathered outside the apartment door. Way more than 60 seconds elapse as the sibling attends to some last minute photo transfers, then she presses send and as the microwave counts down to zero, this is the exact moment the task force attempt go to make their move, and the moment the sibling finishes her dramatic sentence. The microwave hits zero and the apartment explodes - propelling the task force into the air. (So who knew that aerosol cans take exactly 1 minute in a microwave to detonate!?). And there's enough gas in the building to completely destroy it, yet not a single member of the task force smell gas and think twice about entering the apartment

4) in the very next scene, the leader of the task force, who one would have thought took the brunt of the explosion that destroyed the apartment is stood on the ground floor unscathed giving orders to his team.

This is just one scene. But there are loads of scenes like this that take the film beyond credulity and, for me anyway, spoilt the movie.

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