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Tickled (2016)
Tickled: Certainly more than meets the eye
5 August 2017
Tickled is such a weird creature, a documentary about the "Sport" of competitive endurance tickling. Yep, you read that right.

However that is merely the beginning, as the documentary delves deeper it gets dark. Really, really dark.

Not to ruin anything but there is so much more and the subject matter is remarkable, trouble is its ruined by a very lackluster near spineless documentary filmmaker who squanders the potential.

Within moments I felt like I was watching another scripted documentary alike Catfish (2010) the concept was too fantastical and everything just felt too convenient.

However upon investigation it certainly appears to be legitimate and once you've watched the documentary you'll realise that is a really scary fact.

Well made and truly fascinating subject matter but handled by people who were just out of their depth.

We can only dream what could have been! Do hope this doesn't develop a TV show like Catfish otherwise my spidey sense will start tingling again.
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