Not good, no matter how forgiving you are!
29 July 2017
Despite being a keen fan (and student) of this genre of movie-making, this one is hard work. No matter how forgiving you are, it's hard to find anything positive here.

From the stolid (not in a good way) direction and the hackneyed script, to the multiple narrative failures of the plot, there must have been better ways for Astor Pictures to squander the $50,000 budget that was set aside for this turkey, right?

The residents of Pine Ridge are in something of a kerfuffle when the livestock starts dying by gruesome means. The sheriff for some insane reasons of his own is convinced that young Wayne, the local geologist is the bad guy! All small mountain towns have a resident geologist, don't they?

Half way through the movie, Vargas, also known as the "Diablo Giant", wakes up and goes on a killing spree... this is AFTER the deaths of the animals and local residents began happening!

Crazy Injun Joe fires his rifle at the imaginary rabbits clustered around the feet of the only friend he has in town... the monster eventually crashes through a bridge into the river and in an amazing feat of dexterity, politely rebuilds the fence on his way down... and on and on it goes.

It's just awful! There are one or two familiar faces in this clunker but their ghosts probably don't want to be reminded!
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