Strange Convoluted Story. But sometimes it's necessary.
16 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Strange Convoluted Story. But sometimes it's necessary.

The story is a mess, and it's a mess till the very end. But, sometimes a story like this is worth checking out. The acting is decent, not great. Eleonora Rossi Drago looks to be an older version of Edwige Fenech, very mysterious look. Some decent scenes, good cinematography. Good music. Editing is done well.

As mentioned, the story is a mess. I would check it out again. Rating is a C, or 6 stars.

I'd also like to add that this movie is a masterpiece compared to garbage like Suspiria, or Four Flies, or Plumage. I have not see all Argento films, but what I have I see an amateur film maker with a budget and a great publicity agent. That publicity agent has miraculously elevated Argento into a "CULT" filmmaker. It's incredible how many people love Argento's garbage. Bava is not much better. One has to watch Planet of Vampires to see how much crap exhumes from the visuals. It's all in the publicity. Take a look at What Have you done with Solange, one of the worst acting and stories I have witnessed, but somehow, someway, the publicists have brought about an army of dead heads, Not Grateful Dead Heads, more like brain dead heads to elevate this crap into the realm of art.

So, venting aside, In the Folds of the Flesh is definitely not a perfect film, but it is professionally done, and most importantly, it is entertaining.
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