Documentary Now! (2015– )
Some of the Smartest, Funniest Writing in Years
1 July 2017
It baffles me that a show this funny can remain so underground, with less than a "cult classic" following. However I understand why many have looked over this show. The concept is not only very "out there" but the writing is very smart. In a similar way that the UK version of "The Office" is often overlooked by US fans for being "too smart", this show is closer to dry, British humor than classic American humor. But, through and through, this show is brilliant. The attention to detail is astounding to the point where the original documentaries look worse than their versions. Mulany, Meyers, Hader and Armisen pour so much passion into this show. This is not a cash grab, it's not a money maker, it's a passion project shared by 4 brilliant comedians and that can be seen in every episode. Please support this show, brilliant direction, writing and acting such as this should be rewarded and unfortunately this show is being overlooked.
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