Wonder Woman (2017)
A waste of time...
29 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
What is hard for me is to find a good part in this movie. I just can't... What is clear for me is that Hollywood desperately wants our money without delivering too much in exchange. Folks, it begins to be really unfair!

Plot/Script: a tasteless, boring mix of clichés and twisted mythology. An Amazonian daughter of Zeus (Hmmm...), who doesn't know who her father is will save the day in World War I. Of course, no matter what, the British Empire is good and Germans are bad, of course Germans must have a Nazi look (in World War I..., WTF??), otherwise why would you put a former member of IDF to play Wonder Woman...? And, at the end, a fight with a god with a lot o fire in the background. But wait, at least Ares, the god of war, has a mustache! Just ridiculous! The entire script is fragmented, characters remain undeveloped sufficiently, logical fractures everywhere, i.e. why put yourself in the bullet's way to save someone who cannot be killed by anything?

Acting: just as you may have guess, Wonder Woman is played bad by gorgeous Gal Gadot. Nothing but a series of poses for magazines, trying to look innocent but also bold and intelligent. Okay, the script didn't helped her at all but the same bad script was played also by Chris Pine and it's something else. In fact, this movie is quite a waste of many talents to produce two hours of nothing.. Just about to forget: in my opinion making David Thewlis, a great actor, to be Ares in this movie is an idea just as bad as making Adam Driver, another great actor, the new Darth Vader.

Effects: I think more than half of the movie was shot on green screen. Some scenery is good but some not. Why all the fighting scenes were shot in slow motion? Why they look like a circus ballet? Good CGI technically speaking, but quite unpolished artistically.

Music: Not bad. Not memorable either. You would expect more from a talented composer as Rupert Gregson-Williams who is also, as far as I know, a member of Hans Zimmer's Remote Control Productions team. But hey, he can have bad days too, can't he? And maybe, just maybe, he made the music in the same line as the movie: nothing remarkable. In my opinion, a unique superhero should have a unique musical label in movies. I've heard a few days ago on the radio the main theme from Superman. There is some distance, my friends, quite a distance! Where are you, John Williams?

Costumes: the only special costumes are those of the Amazonian warrior ladies, which all look like a small upgrade of Xena. Not bad in the end but not impressive.

Overall, a bad movie, made not to entertain but to squeeze money. Very overrated, I simply cannot imagine on what grounds one should rate this crap 8 out of 10. This is why I'm giving a 1 of 10, to lower this inflated rating. However, the real rating from my point of view would be a 3 out of 10, no more.
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