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Wonder Woman (2017)
This is NOT what a Female Lead movie should be like
26 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I never write reviews on IMDb, but I disagree so much with the 8+ rating I had no choice.

The aspect which bothered me the most about this movie, is that it is portrayed as a movie with a strong female lead. I expected Wonder Woman to be this cool warrior, being strong and independent and all that other things strong women should be. But in fact, Wonder Woman was just dragged from location to location by Steve. Every time Wonder Woman showed some fierce or anger, she was being shushed and told to leave (which she did). When Wonder Woman was introduced, the first thing mentioned is how beautiful she is. Further on, where are her muscles???! She is supposed to be a strong warrior, but apparently Hollywoods beauty standards are more important to portray. Another female aspect which was emphasized was her emotional side. In several occasions Wonder Woman portrayed empathy to humans, animals etc. which left her almost crying. The men in her environment told her to let it go (aka don't be such a pussy), while they showed no signs of emotion as the stereotype man. It is like Hollywood had the intention to make a movie with a female lead, but in the process decided that the female should be portrayed as usually is; beautiful, emotionally weak, needs to be controlled.

And now I have not even started with all the other aspects which makes this film so bad. Flat characters with very flat lines. Almost every line is some stupid one-liner full of clichés. The makers started off with WWII but halfway through switched to trenches and gas aka WWI? I guess WWII was not interesting enough. Furthermore, the story followed the typical story line build up, no surprises there. And of course more things which did not make sense at all (the gas in the plane would kill everyone in an area of 130km square if grounded, but hey if I fly it 500 meters up and blow it up no problem). The last line of the film and thus conclusion made the whole film silly: only love can save the world... OH come on!
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